About Us

"Breaking Free from the Cubicle"

The Company

Brothers Keeon and Korie Minors have managed to live the lives they always dreamed of growing up.
As successful digital nomads who refuse to anchor down and give in to the rat race, they hope to
inspire others whom dream of finally breaking free from the cubicle. Be A Digital Nomad is a website
dedicated to the modern entrepreneur with a deep-rooted, unquenchable sense of wanderlust.

Our Mission

The lives of digital nomads come with specific demands. We get it. Escape the daily grind with the advice of professional vagabonds who have been through and seen it all! Our content is carefully created and fine-tuned with the aspiring digital nomad in mind. Check back regularly to keep up with their travel tips, packing tricks, stories of adventure and recommendations. To assist those just getting started on their nomadic journeys, these digital nomad pros take the time to answer questions and address concerns.

Our Vision

Thanks to advancement in technology over the past few decades, today’s entrepreneur doesn’t have to be confined to a stuffy office or cooped up in a cramped cubicle. Now that’s something to celebrate. Vast and beautiful, the world is your oyster! By sharing tales of our travels, helpful tips and expert advice, we aspire to encourage others who are fed up with the constraints of a traditional workplace to free themselves.

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