About Us

Digital Nomad journey of 2 brothers who want to meet and share with those on similar paths.

Our Story

Both Keeon and Korie have career backgrounds in Art, Design & Technology. With having gone through the normal path of getting degrees, doing the 9 to 5 office jobs, neither one was ever satisfied. Their passion for what they initially wanted to do started to wane. Not to mention the travel dreams seemed impossible with just 10 days a year of vacation.


They both knew there just had to be more to life than that, and started putting their skills to personal projects and learning more skills along the way. Seeing a demand for the skills that they had they took the leap of faith and started working for themselves.


Breaking free from the cubicle was not easy, and was a long hard road. However it was the best thing they ever did and haven’t looked back since. Keeon and Korie are now on a mission to travel the world and help and meet as many people possible to also accomplish their dreams.

Keeon Minors
Keeon Minors

Director of Operations & Digital Strategist

Korie Minors

Creative Director & International DJ

-Be a Digital Nomad-