19 Mar The Journey – Interview with Tanya Willis

Our great friend has a series called “The Journey” where he interviews entrepreneurs from all industries to learn their secrets to how they started from 0 to becoming successful in their chosen fields.

Episode 11 of his series he interviewed a photographer named Tanya Willis, whose story impressed me, and I wanted to share it with you 🙂


Watch Interview Below

I remember 2 years ago when I start sharing my Passion on Social Media and connecting with people – it was very unknown yet exciting.
Nobody knew about my photography work. So I had to figure out ways how to connect with people..
I remember questions like: “Why are you talking to people you don’t know?”, “What is this Engagement going to do for you?”, “Is it worth it?” I just kept on connecting and sharing..
Now after seeing results and working with great companies around the world because of the Engagement – I can definitely tell – it’s WORTH it!
You can start anything from SCRATCH…And If you understand your craft and truly believe it will help others to achieve their goals you will then become unstoppable, attracting even more people in your life.
Just believe in yourself, listen to your heart and keep on moving forward.
Love you all <3

  – Tanya Willis

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