Shop Online? Learn how to save TONS with Ebates

Do you like to shop online? If you are anything like me and spend over 50% of your waking hours in front of a computer or a smart phone device, then most likely you also like to shop online.

I was given a tip from one of my mentors recently, on how I can get cash back from every purchase I make online.

How I never knew about this I will never know, but the secret (not so secret as the company has been around for awhile now) is a website called Ebates.


What is Ebates?

Ebates is a company that gives cash back if you click through the links of stores listed on their website. The company is an affiliate to many online stores. What’s an affiliate? An affiliate is a person (or company, in this case) that makes a small commission for referring people.

Then Ebates split that commission with you, paying you a percentage. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved; merchants get money from you, Ebates get money from the merchants, and you get money from Ebates.


I tested this out with the Microsoft store, it was time for me to renew my Office 365. As a member of, I was able to link Ebates to my browser which lets me know if that site is connected so I can get cash back on a purchase.

After renewing my subscription I instantly got $7.50 cash back!


Might not seem like a lot, but start to add that up over many purchases online (Black Friday,Cyber Monday anyone?) and you will start to see the huge potential here.


How To Get Started with Ebates

All you have to do is sign up for Ebates with an email address.

When you log on, you’ll have a variety of places you can shop from online. If you don’t see what you like, click on “All Stores” to see the exhaustive list of all the places you can shop from.


You can click on a link to an online shopping mall directly, or you can install an Ebates Cash Back Button on your browser. The first way requires you to sign in to Ebates each time you shop.

After you complete your shopping, your points will be automatically added to your account, typically within a day.


That is basically it! A very simple process for you to start earning, and saving from your ongoing online purchases, from stores you already love and use.

Try it out, you have nothing to lose as it is completely free. Check it out here and once you do let me know what you think!



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-Be A Digital Nomad-



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