top items for digital nomad

Top Items for Every Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad means you’re independent in just about every sense. Not only is your schedule flexible, but so is where you work from–so, essentially, you can travel the world without ever having to call in sick or get approval for vacation time. This freedom is the main thing that people find so alluring about the lifestyle. Of course, to do things right, you need the right tools. Here are 8 things every digital nomad should have.


#1 Versatile Luggage

You’re on the go all over the place, but that means you need dependable luggage to get your stuff there with you. It needs to be durable, easily organized, and small enough to fit onto any airplane as your carry-on. That means checking dimensions is a must, and so is keeping things lightweight. Try this one.

#2 Breathable Clothing

You need to be prepared for any climate, but you can’t fit a four season wardrobe. Instead of buying new things every time you land in a new place, opt for natural and breathable materials that will help regulate your body temperature regardless if the forecast calls for snow or shine. Look for lightweight items that you can style in multiple outfits. Check out our men’s attire and women’s attire for inspiration.

#3 Reliable Power

You’re in a foreign destination relying on your phone for communication, navigation, or perhaps just a few photographs. Whatever the case may be, that 5% battery warning can provoke anxiety in even the most well-seasoned nomad. A simple power bank can save the day more than once with most able to hold a dozen or more full cellphone charges in a small, portable package. Check this one out.

#4 Practical Work Gear

As a digital nomad, you’re sure to be bringing your laptop with you as perhaps one of your most invaluable possessions. So, you better be able to use it safely and effectively. The right laptop stand is a must so that you can work even when you don’t have a proper desk to use. Check this one out.

#5 Portable Alternatives

Many digital nomads need to do some serious downsizing, which is why so many people these days are trading out laptops for an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. This makes for an even smaller, more portable way to access your work, whether you’re leaving your laptop in your room or all the way back home. Try this super small foldable keyboard if you’re real tight on space.

#6 Safe and Simple Storage

So you have all your electronic gear in order with a foldable keyboard and super small power bank–now you need a simple way to keep it all safe and organized. This small electronic storage bag keeps everything together, making security screening a breeze. It also gives you convenient access to all of your valuables. Check this one out.

#7 Subtle Photography

Most of us use our smartphones to take the majority of our pictures these days, but we’ve all had experiences where we couldn’t get the right angle with our arm alone. Instead of an obnoxious selfie stick that still limits your distance, why not get a tripod that you can wrap around literally anything? Give this one a try.

top items for digital nomad

#8 Durable Speakers

Whether you’re listening to music, keeping up with your favorite podcast, or tuning into an audiobook, most digital nomads can find at least one good use for a bluetooth speaker. Why not pick a waterproof one for extra durability? Check this one out.

top items for digital nomad
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